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Does talking about anti-Black racism and white privilege make you feel uncomfortable? If so, why is that? Now is the time to move past discomfort and into action - Black people are dying and change is needed. now. As mostly white and white passing social work professionals and students, we have a collective responsibility to take action. We need to centre Black voices in combating anti-Black racism and to take the lead from Black communities on where our support is needed and what that should look like.


White people, we. need. to. stop. centring. ourselves. in. the. work.


Anti-Black racism in Canada and around the world is deeply rooted in our governments, systems, policies, and society as a whole. This is not new, and an understanding of historical context and hidden truths in Canada are paramount in moving toward accountability and justice in our country. Black communities are living with racism, injustice, violence, harm and murder daily, everywhere. It is in our racist governments, police, education system, child welfare system, justice system, health system, housing, hiring policies, political representation, and day-to-day interactions - and this list is by no means exhaustive. Anti-Black racism is embedded in everything and black people are dying as a result.


Now is not the time for simply reflecting. it is the time for meaningful, direct actions. It is also the time to step aside. When combatting anti-black racism, white folks need to de-centre whiteness - whose work are you reading, watching, sharing? Whose voices are you centring? Who are you crediting? Who are you taking the lead from? Who are you paying? Whose experiences are at the foundation of this work? 


 In compiling resources and creating this page, We have consulted people with lived experiences within the Black communities, as consultation is paramount in how white people can take action to help dismantle anti-Black racism. We are not the experts on what Black communities need from allies - but the information is there, the resources are there, the Black voices are there - it is time to listen and to act. It is our hope that by centring Black voices and recommendations, we can begin to share resources for white people looking to learn more about white folks' role in dismantling anti-Black racism and white supremacy.